Jack Kirby-Cook

Triple J’s Hottest 100

For three years running, Triple J teamed up with AIME as part of the Hottest 100.

The partnership’s goal was to increase awareness around Indigenous educational inequality and help raise funds for the AIME program. As part of the collaboration, I designed and built the online portal in consultation with Triple J’s marketing team, which allowed all Hottest 100 voters to donate and/or purchase a limited-edition piece of AIME Apparel. The 3-year partnership successfully raised over $750,000 in donations and apparel sales.

The donation portal ran on the Raisely platform using a custom CSS skin and AngularJS theme template to match the overall campaign’s visual.

In addition to the donation portal, a limited edition t-shirt was released for each year of the partnership, co-designed by a young Indigenous student in the program and AIME’s design team (led by me).

Various marketing avenues were used to promote the t-shirts, including Facebook, Instagram and the AIME Friends EDM list. The concept had a resoundingly positive response from the target audiences.

2017 Hottest 100 Donation Portal
2016 & 2017 Hottest 100 Tees
2016 artwork by Iesha Gittens (left) / 2017 artwork by Kaylem MacDonald-Perez (right).
2016 Hottest 100 EDM