Jack Kirby-Cook

About Me

I’m Jack, a UX/UI Designer based in Sydney, Australia.

Originally a freelance Graphic Designer starting back in 2005, I transitioned into Front End Web Development in late 2006 after watching a sizeable amount of tutorial videos online. From there I taught myself to code in my spare time, which created a strong desire for making websites.

This desire led me to being offered a role at AIME in early 2007 as their sole web dev – where I spent the next 8 years building external and internal projects of varying scales, working with the likes of Google, Triple J and ThoughtWorks. In 2015 I was promoted to AIME’s Brand Manager.

At the beginning of 2018 I decided to enter the freelance world once again, but this time alongside my partner Alissa, who is a very talented Graphic Designer – see for yourself! We work together from wherever we may be in the world, collaborating not only on client projects, but also with raising our 4-year-old son Lenny.