Jack Kirby-Cook

AIME Apparel

As Brand Manager I oversaw the AIME Apparel clothing line.

Created to showcase the talents of kids in the program, as well as raise funds and awareness, AIME Apparel plays an important role in AIME’s public perception and community engagement.

Responsibilities of my role included managing a team dedicated to apparel design and distribution, as well as designing apparel products myself, managing the online store’s design and direction, spearheading campaigns to maximise sales and creating marketing collateral for various platforms.

Along with in-house creations, products were also made in collaboration with external brands, including Seafolly, Staples, MJ Bale, and Budgy Smuggler.

City2Surf participants wearing Running Tees
Running Tees – Front Running Tees – Back
Running tee design by me, featuring artwork by Reece Bokenkamp / Photo by Unknown.
Graffiti Tanks – Front
Graffiti Tanks in Coogee
Hand-drawn Graffiti Tank design by me / Photo by Gab Timmins.
Global Long Sleeve in NYC
Global Long Sleeve – Front Global Long Sleeve – Back
‘AIME Global’ Long Sleeve Tee design by me / Photo by Unknown.
Budgy Smugglers – Front Budgy Smugglettes – Front
Budgy Smugglers in Bondi
Collaboration with Budgy Smuggler, featuring artworks by Andia Loxley and Ashley Maroney / Photo by Jake Trindorfer.
5-Panel Hat Mockups
5-panel hat mockups designed with Alissa Sanders, featuring artworks by Diane Humes, Serika Shillingsworth and Brodie Forsyth.
Free Shipping Banner Hoodie Sale Banner Apparel’s First Birthday Banner
Promotional banners designed with Alissa Sanders / Photos by Brenden Newton, Jake Trindorfer and Kabir Dhanji.